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Richard Kasslack

My name is Richard, I am currently a senior executive at Phybridge Inc., “The Enabling Company”, known in the market as NVT Phybridge. I have spent the last few years with NVT Phybridge travelling across North (and a little bit of South) America, meeting thousands of people at hundreds of different companies. Prior to that, I spent a number of years as a senior IT executive for a very large financial services company in here in Canada (where I live).

Along the way, I became a certified Unix system administrator,  installed and ran a massive call center operation (one of the first based on Unix of course) and started one of the first ISPs in Ontario (based on the new Linux OS in the early 1990’s).

I am a true technologist at heart, innovations, gadgets, you name it, I love them all.

I spend my day speaking with and meeting a tremendously diverse set of people and groups (we may have met). In my day-to-day interactions, I am introduced to exciting new innovations that sometimes truly astound me. I also work at a firm that has introduced some truly ingenious technologies that have saved customers, re-sellers, integrators and distributors $millions in time and money. Whenever I introduce the technologies to someone new, they always end up saying “WOW I never knew that existed” or “I wish I would have known about this before as I could have saved a lot of time, money and trouble”.

There are so many “best kept secrets in the world” (my company’s solutions included)  and I am on a mission to change that.

As I am introduced to new technologies and innovations, I will share them on this site.


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